Authentic Japanese Cuisine

Picture the perfect sushi restaurant nestled in the heart of Tokyo. It would be built entirely by hand, with rich wooden trim and a clever, inviting layout. It would be small and cozy, well decorated with paper lanterns, wooden tables, a long wooden sushi bar and Japanese curtains.

That's the perfect restaurant. That's Kiku Sushi. An inviting place in the heart of Federal HIll that makes you feel like you've stepped off the streets of Baltimore and into Japan.

Whether you're new to the sushi experience or are a true connaisseur, Kiku's Chef, Pong "Tori" Yang – who has over 20 years of Sushi experience – will guide you to incredible culinary delights. His Sunomono is fantastic, and must be experienced to be believed. Kiku Sushi's intimate surroundings are warm and comfortable. What's more, pricing is reasonable – making excellent quality Sushi, Sashimi and Maki affordable for the tightest budget.

We invite you to come to Kiku Sushi – and experience the perfect sushi restaurant.